Regular Membership

Regular Memberships includes an initiation fee that gives members ownership of the Club.  These members are invited to General Assembly meetings, Open Board meetings, and given proxy votes and a voice when it comes to Board Elections or large projects.  This membership has a yearly dues renewal and is a great choice for families of the community who are here long-term.

Annual Memberships

Annual Memberships have a flat rate yearly renewal.  This membership comes with all the benefits of the Club but does not include the ownership, meeting invitations, or voting capabilities.  This membership is a great choice for families who are here short term (i.e. military and NATO families)


We do offer a conversion rate.  If you are an Annual Member and would like to become a Regular Member you can pay the conversion rate to change your type of membership.  Once paid you would have all the benefits of Regular Membership.  You would then only pay the yearly renewal dues each year.  This membership is great for families whose status may have changed or if you simply changed your mind.

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